Kadant products are used in the wet end of corrugating operations including on preheater rolls, single facers, preheat stack dryers, glue stations, and double backers. And in the converting area, Kadant products are applied to flexo printing, calendering, and cooling applications. New technologies in rotary steam joints and syphons, modern steam and condensate handling systems, boiler-room control, and doctoring systems increase process efficiency, maximize uptime, and help improve output quality.

Steam Systems

Steam systems control differential steam pressure and blow-through steam across each roll to achieve the highest possible heat transfer and temperature uniformity, with increased efficiency and reduced maintenance.

CorrPro® Rotary Joints

The CorrPro steam joint is mounted directly to the bearing housing cover to provide accurate and rigid alignment to the roll journal. The CorrPro seal is balanced to provide for long service life and is designed specifically for high-speed, modern single-facers.

LJX™ Rotary Joint and Syphon System

The LJX rotary joint and syphon system is designed specifically for preheater, preconditioner, pressure, and plain-shell fluted rolls and provides a simple  and cost-effective upgrade to a safer and more reliable solution for increasing roll temperature across all  board combinations from light to heavy weights. 

LJ-PT™ Rotary Joints

The LJ-PT steam joint is mounted to the bearing cover using two external rods. The balanced seal is designed to tolerate misalignment and provide extended service life.

SX® Rotary Joints

The SXB steam joint has two internal support guides that allow the rotary joint to be connected directly to the end of the roll journal, supplying steam into the roll and reliably draining condensate from the roll through conventional syphon elbows.

45 Series Steam Traps

The proprietary 45 series steam trap is designed to efficiently discharge condensate from corrugating rolls, preheater rolls, preconditioner rolls, and hot plates.

Variable Moisture Steam™ Shower Supply System

The Variable Moisture Steam (VMS) shower supply system can help precondition the medium and improve flute formation on single facers running at high speeds.

Roll Cleaning Systems

Roll cleaning systems are used to remove stock accumulations, water, pitch, and filler buildup. Roll cleaning systems’ unique designs are compact and improve uptime, reducing maintenance costs.

Pressure-Powered Condensate Pumps

Pressure-powered pumps replace conventional centrifugal pumps and motors in returning hot condensate at high pressures.

Condensate High-Pressure Receiver

The Kadant high-pressure receiver is a stand-alone unit that collects hot condensate from the corrugator and maintains it at a high-pressure and temperature.

Plant Optimization Services

Steam system and boiler audits for accurate overviews of steam system and boiler system health to ensure systems are operating peak efficiency and operating potential.