Kadant products are used in smelting, casting, hot and cold rolling, extrusion, and galvanizing applications in the metals industry. New technologies in rotary unions and sealing devices, showering, and roll cleaning systems increase process efficiency, reduce energy costs, and help companies to be more sustainable in their operations.

Roll Cleaning Systems

Roll cleaning systems are used to remove stock accumulations, water, pitch, and filler buildup. Roll cleaning systems’ unique designs are compact and improve uptime, reducing maintenance costs.

BCI Rotary Unions

The Bearing Cover Inserted (BCI) rotary union is applied to continuous casting steel segment rolls on water service. It is self-centering and mounted inside the bearing cover to protect the rotary union from breakouts and eliminates side loading caused by external flexible hoses.

C-Cast Rotary Unions

The C-Cast rotary union is available in both external and internal (journal-inserted) mounted options and single- and dual-flow configurations. The internal-mounted is found on the majority of continuous casting machines in North America and Europe.

RX® Rotary Unions

RX rotary unions for water service feature a balanced carbon-to-tungsten carbide seal package which makes these rotary unions more robust and able to run longer than other ball bearing designs. These rotary unions are supported by two widely-spaced, anti-friction bearings and are capable of intermittent dry running.