Oil & Gas

Kadant products are used in both upstream and downstream activities throughout the oil and gas industry, including, coiled tubing, top drive drilling, offshore, and refining applications. New technologies in steam distribution systems and water heating, as well as the latest technologies in rotary sealing solutions provide increased seal life, improved safety, and increased equipment reliability to help companies be more sustainable in their operations.

Rotary Unions & Swivel Joints

A rotary union is a rotary sealing device that connects rotating equipment to fixed piping for the transfer of steam, water, thermal oil,  hydraulic oil, mud, and other media. Rotary unions and swivel joints can be designed with multiple passages and manage multiple media types simultaneously.


Steam jet thermocompressors are designed to boost low pressure steam by accurately mixing low pressure steam with high pressure steam.

Direct Steam Injection Heaters

A direct steam injection heater provides a cost-effective method to heat water and other fluids by injecting steam directly into the fluid. The direct injection heater is designed to handle a wide range of flow rates and deliver hot fluids at precise temperatures.

Pressure Powered Pumps

Pressure-powered pumps replace conventional centrifugal pumps and motors in returning hot condensate at high pressures.